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DaySpring Villa | Women's and Children's Shelter

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Our mission is transforming lives.

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    The Journey to Freedom

    Reclaim the person you were meant to be. Discover a life free of domestic violence like these women have.

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    Domestic Violence

    Physical, emotional, psychological, sexual, and economic harm are all forms of domestic violence.

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    Sexual Trafficking

    Human sexual trafficking is a toxic industry invading Oklahoma and the United States. Help us, help them.

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    Fund a Day of Royal Support

    For only $128.77 you can support 100% direct care and services for a battered or trafficked woman.

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    Become a Volunteer

    Join our army of volunteers who share their time to make DaySpring Villa a model shelter for victims of domestic violence and human sexual trafficking.

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    Make a financial gift today to help us transform the lives of women and children in crisis.

Domestic Violence and Sexual Trafficking Are Never OK.

For battered, abused and sexually trafficked women in Oklahoma, the journey to freedom starts right here.

DaySpring Villa is Oklahoma's first faith-based, certified shelter for domestic violence victims and the first shelter of its kind in the state for adult survivors of human sexual trafficking. Here, women and their children discover life without abuse and real-world solutions to restore their self-esteem, confidence, and, ultimately, reclaim their independence.

Through goals-based programs, spiritual guidance, and open hearts and minds, DaySpring Villa transforms victims into vibrant survivors—and we do this every day. We give our guests the time they need to heal so they are ready to pursue the lives they were meant to live. Then we guide them one-by-one to the right path, helping them further their education, find employment, become a better parent, learn to drive, and locate permanent housing.

Since 1995, DaySpring has sheltered, clothed and fed nearly 7,000 women and children who took the first step to leave a violent relationship and set a positive new course for their future. If you or someone you know is experiencing abuse, or you'd like to help us continue our mission, call us at 918.245.4075.

Because DaySpring Villa is a faith-based, not-for-profit organization, we receive no United Way or government funding. Our ability to provide abused women and their children with protective shelter, basic needs, and professional services relies on financial gifts from caring individuals, corporations, foundations, and churches of every denomination.